Cleaning Gloves - Your Last Resort

Tuesday, 1 December 2015  |  Curtis

Our gloves are made from the finest leathers, and they need a little care and attention to remain looking their best.  Here are our top tips for your gloves:

If your leather gloves get wet

  • Don't wring them out.

  • Don't put them on a radiator/Aga or in front of the fire to dry.

  • Reshape them by putting them on, then hang them up where they can dry naturally, out of direct sunlight.

How to store your gloves

  • Don't leave them squished in a pocket.

  • Lay them out flat and store in a drawer.

  • Be aware that dyes can leach out of leather onto other articles and vice versa.

How to keep your leather gloves clean

  • Try not to get them dirty in the first place!

  • Glove leather is delicate and will be marked by oils, pens and paints.  

  • Attempted spot removal is likely to result in an unsightly mark, worse than the original stain.

  • It is likely that leather gloves will never be quite the same after cleaning, but you can try the following methods, at your own risk.

    • Specialist Dry Clean  (We'd rather put the money towards a new pair of gloves).

    • ​As a last resort...fill a 2L bowl with tepid water, add a little gentle laundry detergent and a tablespoon of white vinegar (this will help keep the dye in the leather).  Leave the gloves to soak for 30 minutes.  Put the gloves on your hands and clean them in the solution as if you were washing your hands.  Remove the gloves and rinse thoroughly under tepid running water.  Don't wring out the gloves, but wrap them in an old, clean towel to absorb most of the water (the leather may leave some residual dye on the towel).  Reshape the gloves by putting them on your hands, then hang up to dry naturally and out of direct sunlight.  Good Luck.