February is the Month of Love

Monday, 8 February 2016  |  Curtis

One day, the goddess Venus tripped and fell whilst running through the woods on the slopes of Mount Olympus.  She scraped her hands on a thorn bush and the Graces rushed to apply thin bandages around the fingers and palm of her injured hands.  So gloves were born.

Gloves have been a true accessory to our clothing for thousands of years; and the giving of gloves has long been a declaration of love and friendship.  Indeed, Lord Robert Dudley, presented his presumed lover, Queen Elizabeth I, with a pair of gloves as a sign of his submission.  Gloves have been a potent symbol of love, liturgy, chivalry and power; subjects for another blog.  For the month of February, let stay with love:

In a similar way to fans and flowers, gloves have a language all of their own.  Here's a beginners guide to the Victorian art of flirting with gloves...

The Language of Gloves

Action Meaning
Holding with tips downward I wish to be acquainted
Smoothing them out gently I wish I were with you
Striking them over the shoulder Follow me
Dropping both gloves I love you
Holding in the right hand with thumb exposed Kiss Me!
Holding in the left hand with thumb exposed Do you love me?
Tapping the chin I love another
Turning the gloves inside out I hate you
Clenching rolled up gloves in right hand No
Dropping one glove Yes
Putting one glove away I'm vexed
Twirling around the fingers Be careful, we're watched
Drawing half way on left hand Indifference
Striking the gloves over the hand I am displeased
Folding up carefully Get rid of your company
Using the gloves as a fan Introduce me to your company
Tossing them up gently I am engaged