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How to Size Your Gloves


The Simple Way to Size Your Gloves


1.  You need to equip yourself with a tape measure or piece of string (and a ruler).

2.  Measure the circumference of your dominant hand (i.e. right hand if right handed) at the widest point (but not including the thumb)

3.  The measurement in INCHES is your Glove Size.

Measuring Your Glove Size


4.   Gloves are sized to the nearest ½" - so you need to be precise.  If your measurement falls between two sizes, we suggest you choose the next smaller size.  The gloves will be snug at first, but stretch to accommodate your hand.

5.  Some gloves are sized in S, M, L, & XL.  Use this table to help find the best size for you:


Glove Size Table - Men's & Women's.

Measurement Men's Women's
6"   S or XS
6.5"   S
7"   M
7.5" S or XS M or L
8" S L
8.5" M L or XL
9" M or L  
9.5" L  
10" L or XL  
10.5" XL  
11" XL or XXL  


Buying Gloves as a Gift?  Don't Know Which Size to Buy?  Help is at Hand (excuse the pun).

Buying Gloves for a Lady: 

If you can't measure her hand, take a look inside her're looking for the shoe size.  This is not an infallible guide, but has a good chance of success if you're stumped.

For shoe EU36-EU37 (UK4) - Buy Size SMALL

For shoe EU38 (UK5 - UK5.5) - Buy Size MEDIUM

For shoe EU39 (UK6-UK6.5) - Buy Size LARGE

For shoe EU40 (UK7) - Buy Size XLARGE